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Coding and Indexing

Our coding and indexing service allows for improved case management for law firms and efficient document retrieval. This gives law firms a competitive edge in a case and in the courtroom. Our team develops each client project based on an understanding of legal coding principles, rules, conventions and terminology using the latest state-of-the-art software used by major law firms. Coding will be based on uniform standards being promulgated and developed within the legal profession. Standardized coding is quickly becoming a necessity for improving efficiency and productivity within the legal community

iSourceIndia assist clients in developing smart intuitive coding specifications. Typical fields include Bates Numbers, Attachment Range, Document Title, Author, recipient, Names in Text, Dates, Document Type and Document Characteristics.

We help code documents from each phase of the litigation process from client interview, case assessment, investigation, summons and complaint, discovery, pre-trial pleadings, trial preparation, trial and appeal.

Objective coding

Objective Coding is the process by which skilled and trained document specialists review every document and prepare a computerized index of basic objective data about each document, including:

Document Date
Document Type
Box number

In most jurisdictions lawyers must prepare a list of documents relevant to the case. Traditionally these were prepared by lawyers or law clerks dictating document summaries, and secretaries typing them up in a word processor. The result: an expensive document of limited value beyond meeting the requirements of the rules of discovery.

The different options in objective coding include :

Inventory Indexing: An inventory index allows you to focus your attention on a small number of "hot" files and documents. We create a database record for each file in the collection. The most simplistic version contains just the Bates range and the file title.

Bibliographic Indexing: This type of database is typically used in conjunction with document imaging. We create a database record for each document, capturing Bates range, date, title, document type, author, recipient, cc and document characteristics. You can also choose enhanced bibliographic options including issues or names mentioned in text.

Detailed Indexing: This is a detailed index for the 5-10% of your collection that is most important for your case. A typical document entry would include all of the bibliographic fields, a more detailed outline of issues, a subjective priority rating, and a plain English summary.

Subjective coding: Subjective Coding is a more comprehensive coding process in addition to the objective coding that includes keywords and relevant data coding from the document text. Such coding is flexible and specific to individual company requirements.

Full text capture: Full Text Capture or Data Transcription is the full key entry of all content data from hard copy or image format to provide a fully searchable database at the touch of a button. Entire image is available for search on any word or phrase. We use OCR and other techniques to have the first level of data entry and then further editing for an accurate result.

Document coding: Term "Data" is defined as an organized collection of information that can be retrieved and used without wasting any time in search. We help in giving an actual meaning to your data by creating a database and then coding and indexing the documents. Working closely with "Document Rich Organizations", we process project specific document coding as per individual specifications. We have skilled staff that are dedicated to document coding, have a thorough understanding of documentation and are able to review documents, and locate specification requirements both efficiently and accurately.

After coding is completed, iSourceIndia Quality Control Coders will perform a 100% comparison of all coded information to the document image to confirm accuracy and completeness. Any detected errors will be corrected and databases updated. iSourceIndia is completely committed to quality and customer satisfaction and guarantees a coding accuracy of at least 99.9%.

There are several reasons why having iSourceIndia India Legal code your documents is a significant improvement over doing it yourself.

Turnaround time: We offer a turn around time of 12-48 hours depending on your requirements. Within 12 hours of the receipt of data, we send you an analysis report containing the number of images to be coded, sample code sheet and estimated time to code for data cross check.

Reduced cost: If you take the cost of one law clerk coding and another doing the necessary quality control, our service will cost your client approximately half the amount. Your clerks should be focusing on subjective coding - the work that needs their knowledge of the case. Show your clients that you are sensitive to their budget constraints!

High quality: Not only do we have a remarkable staff of experienced coders, but we continually invest in training and new software to improve accuracy and productivity. All Commonwealth Legal coding work is reviewed by senior quality control staff and then double checked for consistency before going out the door. If you are not happy with the quality of our service let us know and we will make it right.

Coding manual: We do not code any project until we have agreed with you on a detailed set of standards and guidelines for what is to be coded and how it is to be coded.

Import into popular databases: We use specialized coding software to maximize productivity and consistency. When our coding is complete and everything has been run through thorough quality control checks, we export the coded data to the software of your choice, for example Summation , Concordance , JFS Litigator's Toolkit, Super Text or other


With our well trained and experienced, iSourceIndia India offers very specialized services with considerable cost advantage to a tune of 20-50% over in-house or outsourced coding work. Scanning vendors, OCR vendors and Data Coding and Indexing companies nationwide have found our process to be a cost-effective way to manage document-intensive cases without sacrificing the control that is essential for a successful outcome. We work with you to develop an approach that will meet your needs and budget.

Data Security

Entire BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) model is based on data security and confidentiality. We can't do any business unless our client's data is secured. We have put in both technical and procedural policies for data security that guarantees maximum data protection. All the Internet transfer is done through s-ftp (secure ftp). At our production center, all the servers are under physical inspection and guarded by login id and password. There is no direct Internet access from production nodes. No employee can take out data files on floppy or cd drives and the entire area is guarded by digital cameras and physical inspection 24X7. All the employees are bound by confidentiality agreements and there is immediate termination clause for even a minor breach.

Service Cost

We charge by per record based on the number of fields. Our clients find our rates at least 20-50% competitive in comparison to in-house or other outsourced companies, because of our Indian back office operations and innovative use of coding methods like templating, and smooth & informed workflow.

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